Is It Over Yet?

This is the final week of 2016 and “Is it over yet?” is on repeat in my brain. 2016 started out on a very high note for Yoav and me. We had big plans and were so looking towards finally settling into our home after completing the biggest renovation project I have ever tackled, our kitchen. Here we sit at the end of the year, our kitchen is close to being done, but we are not there yet, and circumstances have thrown us a huge curve ball into our lives of which I will shed some light on further down. [Lead Photo: Bixby is totally over this year too.]

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2016 is Going to be a Busy Year!

Welcome to 2016! This is going to be an amazing and busy year and I am excited about all the plans we have for our Half Classic Six. Our slate of projects is even bigger than last year, but I am super excited that we can get things rolling and accomplish a lot. Priorities: 1: Kitchen renovation 2: Bedroom decoration 3: Bathroom face-lift. Here are our high level plans as well as additional goals/projects I would like to accomplish.

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2015 – Half Classic Six Year in Review (Enter to Win a Prize!)

OK, I know…. You are probably tired of reading year in review posts and articles by now, but this one is important (to me at least) so pay attention, there is a quiz at the end, and a prize for the winner! 2015 has been quite a year for Yoav and me. We made huge progress in certain areas of our apartment, and fell way behind in others. As I was relaxing this past weekend, taking in the quiet moments in our currently clean and somewhat ordered home (before the chaos of renovation takes over our place in the next month or so), I looked back over the year and began to go through my posts to remember the changes. And changes were a plenty this past year. Whenever I feel like it is taking forever to get anything done, I just need to look back at where we were. Which in some ways is the entire point of my doing this blog, I wanted to document our process and share it with family and friends as well as anybody else who is curious.

Let’s go back and see just how far Yoav and I have come since January.

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