The Kitchen is Finished… Finally!

OMG! It’s finally done! Really! It’s more than a year later than we wanted, but I am grateful to say that I have finally finished our kitchen and it is spectacular! It has been sitting at the 98% completion mark since this past spring, but we finally managed to get the last of it done and, for the moment, we can relax.

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Phase One is Done(ish)! — Progress Report #12

I can finally say that Phase One of our kitchen renovation is done(ish)! Woo Hoo!!!!! And wow is it beautiful! This past holiday weekend, I met my goal of completing the majority of work on phase one of our kitchen renovation. OK, so we are two months behind our original timeline, but still….. We have a functioning kitchen folks. The last major hurdle being the completion and installation of our glass doors for the upper cabinets. Once we got through the fiasco of ordering our glass, it all went fairly smoothly and now I can move on.

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Cold Hard (Beautiful) Reality — Progress Report #11

Oh Yeah! This is our new reality and it is Cold, Hard, and Beautiful! It’s Marble Countertop Reveal Time!

Our kitchen may still be unfinished, but ten days after the second marble install was finished, I find myself in awe every time I walk into our kitchen. I also find myself freaking out about spilling wine, or tomato sauce, or lemon juice, or any other threat known to honed marble… But rest assured, it will be fine.

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Unfinished but Functional… Finally! -– Progress Report #10

The countertops are in! And they are AMAZING!….. But you will have to wait a little bit more for the full reveal… Later this week, I will be posting a full marble countertop and backsplash reveal…. And it will be FABULOUS! In the meantime, let me catch you up on our now still unfinished, but finally functional kitchen! This is huge! After 130 days (a third of a year!) without running water in our kitchen, we got hooked up this past week. And after sealing our countertops on Saturday, we began to move things into our kitchen on Sunday, including the unpacking of some of my daily dinnerware which has been boxed up since January of 2014 when I packed up my Hell’s Kitchen apartment.

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Stripes, Marble, and Brushed Bronze — Progress Report #7

I know you have been waiting on the edge of your seat in anticipation for the next progress report on my kitchen (probably not), but suffice to say that real progress has occurred. Like OMG! This dream is beginning to really actually look like a real kitchen, and a really amazing one at that. For those who cannot wait to see where we are, at the end of this post you will find a photo of the kitchen as of this morning. For those who are like me and enjoy the journey, here is an update on the progress and some of the fun along the way.

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Engineering Required — Progress Report #5

OK, so we are now a full week into my two weeks off to work on the kitchen renovation and in some ways I am very happy with the progress, and in others, not so much. The focus of this week was installing the beadboard wall behind the main bank of cabinets. This turned out to be much more of a challenging week than I expected, but in the end, I am proud of our accomplishments… Even if they are not very visible.

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Floor Plans –Finally! (Part V of The Final Kitchen Plans Series)

[Photo: Our kitchen occupies what was once a bedroom before our original apartment was split in two. Now it is a large kitchen with two closets! Yay for us!]


This is the fifth and final post in my series The Final Kitchen Plans–Finally. In Part I, I talked about the evolution of our final plans

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Cabinets and Countertops Finalized–Finally! (Part II of The Final Kitchen Plans Series)

This is the second post in my series The Final Kitchen Plans. In my last post, I talked about how our final plans evolved from initial ideas and plans into using materials we had either never considered or previously just written off. In my first post, I kicked off this series with a high level outline of our finalized materials and space plans, I recapped our very exciting flooring decision from previous week, and then went on to reveal that we are not going to go with subway tile, but instead will be installing wide plank beadboard as wainscoting around the entire room. In Part II, it’s all about cabinets and countertops!

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Rethinking the Kitchen

[Photo: This hits many notes of my dream kitchen, including in-frame cabinets painted in beautiful shade of what looks to be Farrow & Ball Stiffkey blue. Source: House to Home – UK]


This past spring and summer I posted about my dreams and desires for what would be my perfect kitchen and my frustration about how my perfect kitchen is really only available to folks who live in the United Kingdom.

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