The Kitchen is Finished… Finally!

OMG! It’s finally done! Really! It’s more than a year later than we wanted, but I am grateful to say that I have finally finished our kitchen and it is spectacular! It has been sitting at the 98% completion mark since this past spring, but we finally managed to get the last of it done and, for the moment, we can relax.

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Phase One is Done(ish)! — Progress Report #12

I can finally say that Phase One of our kitchen renovation is done(ish)! Woo Hoo!!!!! And wow is it beautiful! This past holiday weekend, I met my goal of completing the majority of work on phase one of our kitchen renovation. OK, so we are two months behind our original timeline, but still….. We have a functioning kitchen folks. The last major hurdle being the completion and installation of our glass doors for the upper cabinets. Once we got through the fiasco of ordering our glass, it all went fairly smoothly and now I can move on.

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Dreamy Floor Reveal — Progress Report #4

[Photo: My self portrait for today]


The floor that we have been planning for this past year… The floor that went through dozens of changes and iterations…. The floor that we finally decided was the right floor, regardless of cost…. The floor that makes our hearts sing… Has been installed and it is AMAZING.

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Cabinets and Countertops Finalized–Finally! (Part II of The Final Kitchen Plans Series)

This is the second post in my series The Final Kitchen Plans. In my last post, I talked about how our final plans evolved from initial ideas and plans into using materials we had either never considered or previously just written off. In my first post, I kicked off this series with a high level outline of our finalized materials and space plans, I recapped our very exciting flooring decision from previous week, and then went on to reveal that we are not going to go with subway tile, but instead will be installing wide plank beadboard as wainscoting around the entire room. In Part II, it’s all about cabinets and countertops!

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Floors and Walls Finalized–Finally! (Part I of The Final Kitchen Plans Series)

Finally I can finally say that 90+ percent of our plans for our new kitchen are finalized. I can also say that just as Hilary has evolved on same sex marriage, we too have evolved on our kitchen plans. We are now planning on doing things we would never have approved of (or even thought of) in the past. With each passing day we are getting super excited because this sh*t is finally getting real! How real?

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The Floor That Made Our Hearts Sing

As we get closer and closer to finally starting our kitchen renovation after many, many, many delays, we are finding that there has been an unexpected benefit to having postponed our renovation for so long. That unexpected benefit is that with each delay comes continued insight to plan as it relates to materials resulting in a much more refined final look which we would never have done had we just gone with our initial plans.

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The Big Reveal Contest – Apartment Therapy

A few weeks back, I entered our Entry Gallery into the Apartment Therapy Before and After – Big Reveal contest and yesterday they POSTED MY ENTRY! Woo Hoo!

Please visit our contest entry and consider voting for our entry by favoriting the post. (Registration as a commenter is required.) Feel free to comment as well! If we are fortunate enough to be in top four most favorited, we will be put up to a vote for biggest before and after change.

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Finally…. The Big Living Room Reveal

OK, I know you all have been patiently waiting with baited breath to see the living room in all its glory….

OK, I know two or three of my readers have been patiently waiting with baited breath to see the living room in all its glory….

Well, finally….. The living room reveal is here. But first a few thoughts and a bit of background….

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The Big Oops and the Big Fix – Center Hall, Part Two

A few weeks back, I wrote about the The Big Oops and the Big Fix in our center hall. The tale of my making a huge dumb-ass choice in paint color for the ceiling, and then the magical fix a few hours later.

I am sure after last weeks posts about the black ceiling (Part one and Part two), that you are expecting photos of the living room…. but you’re gonna have to wait… (Soon…. I promise!).

So, instead, I am excited to show you the newest updates to the center hall.

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Oh Yes We Did! – The Big Black Reveal (Part II – Tronchi Dreams)

Yesterday was The Big Black Reveal (Part I) where I described how I was enthralled with the idea of a black ceiling, yet terrified of doing it. And then after letting go of my fear and getting the approval of my husband, moved forward and painted our living room ceiling black.

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