1 Radiator, 2 Radiator, 3 Radiators!

Wowzers! I just realized it has been four weeks since my last post!!!…. It’s not that nothing has happened (or that I have had a lot of time on my hands)…. In fact, a huge amount of things have happened…. But none of it is really ready for prime time yet as nearly all of my various projects are not quite complete.

So, instead, I am going to give you an update on…. Drumroll please…..

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Week Three and a Half(ish)…. Progress Update!

Ok, so it’s been a bit more than three and a half weeks, but you get the idea…

There wasn’t much to report at the end of last week, so no post occurred… There still isn’t much to report but I just know you are on the edge of your seat with curiosity…. So, here is a brief update.

1) Great news!   On Friday, we started the floors….

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Week Two – Slow and Painful

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[Photo: Hint: It’s Walnut….. But you’re gonna have to read the whole damned post to find out more.]

So, I wish I had a long blog post about all the exciting things happening at our half classic six, but I do not. Instead, I have a post about our renovation progress, a few small victories, and a lot of frustration. I’ll get to the frustration first and then tell you about our small victories.

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Week One – The Good, The Ugly, and the Unexpected Surprise

Well it has been eight days since we closed on our dream home, and the dreams are quickly (as expected) turning into reality. It feels like a lot has happened, yet if also feels like nothing has happened, as we begin to scratch the surface of all we want to accomplish at the new apartment.

First some good stuff….

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It’s Official!!! – Now The Tour

It’s Official! (Finally)

We are now the owners of our very own half classic six apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. And we are damned grateful for it. The closing went very smoothly, it involved getting nine people in a conference room for about 90 minutes, and lots and lots of signatures and checks floating about. At the end, we walked away with a new set of keys and 30 years of mortgage payments.

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Backstory Part V – Entering Contract and Renovation Plans

It was a mostly sleepless night after we saw the half classic six that week before our wedding, but by the time we got up on Monday morning, we knew we wanted to go back. We called the selling agent and scheduled a second visit for that next evening and upon arrival, spent a good 30 minutes looking the place over.

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