Meanwhile, Back in the Kitchen…. Part IV – Floored and Walled

[Mott’s Modern Plumbing Catalog from 1910. This would have certainly been a fancy kitchen in 1910, but it is still quite utilitarian compared to the “Old World” style kitchens we see today. Image: NYPL]

Kitchen floors and walls….. Using common tile and elevating it to classy and timeless.

[Update at bottom] As the plans for our kitchen renovation are forming and the anticipated start date of August (October/November-ish) (January-February 2016) is getting closer,

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Meanwhile, Back in the Kitchen…. Part III – Countertops; Black or White?

[Photo: This is one of the more beautiful kitchen combos I have run across in my countless hours of obsessing and planning our new kitchen. Source: Remodelista]

In my last post, I went into great detail about how compromise won when it came to figuring out what we are going to do for our cabinets. I am completely in love with the shaker cabinets which are commonly available in the UK, but are not easily attainable in the good old boring US of A. But, in the end, I think I have a solution we can be happy with

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Meanwhile, Back in the Kitchen…. Part II – Cabinets and Compromise

[Image: Stiffkey Blue is named after the village near north Norfolk beach (UK) where the mud, along with the cockles, is this very particular blue hue.]

You say “Stiffkey”, “I’ll say Stewkey”. . .

Those close to me know that I have been obsessing over our kitchen design for months, and months, and months, and…. you get the idea. And in doing so, I have discovered that what I thought I liked three months ago may not be what I like today. As I have delved deeper and deeper into the possibilities of what we can do, I have made surprising discoveries about my taste and desires for the new kitchen.

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