Hiatus and Whereabouts

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For those who have wondered about my whereabouts of late, I can assure you I am still here. Half Classic Six has admittedly been on an unofficial hiatus of late, but there is progress and a lot of really huge changes coming over the next six months.

I will address the hiatus first….

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I’m (We’re) Still Here…

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You may have noticed a decided absence of posts for the past couple of months. Rest assured we are still here, and things are for the most part, okay. That said, we have both been super busy with heavy workloads, and lots of life, and other obligations… We are also still absorbing the realities of our new political climate and how the impact could potentially change things for us forever. A lot to think about really.

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Is It Over Yet?

This is the final week of 2016 and “Is it over yet?” is on repeat in my brain. 2016 started out on a very high note for Yoav and me. We had big plans and were so looking towards finally settling into our home after completing the biggest renovation project I have ever tackled, our kitchen. Here we sit at the end of the year, our kitchen is close to being done, but we are not there yet, and circumstances have thrown us a huge curve ball into our lives of which I will shed some light on further down. [Lead Photo: Bixby is totally over this year too.]

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Things are Just Different Now

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I have thus far avoided the topic of politics on Half Classic Six. Mostly because I believe politics and a renovation and decorating blog don’t mix well. However, in light of recent events, I cannot help but feel the need to at least acknowledge the impact of what I believe to be the biggest election of my life. I also want to be very clear that this post is not about who you did or didn’t vote for, that is your choice. But it is about how the current state of affairs has impacted me in a profound way. Things are just different now. 

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And Now We are Back to Two

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It’s with a heavy heart that I write this post, made even more so because my last post was also about loss. Today we had to say goodbye to our adorable silver haired ball of fur named Fritz. He came into our lives as Alvin back in November of 2014, just two months after we had moved into our apartment. By the time he came home with us, we changed his name from Alvin to Fritz (officially) and then we just called him “Little Boy” (or “Lil’ Boy”) at home.

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Two Years Passed and it Still Fucking Sucks

Two years ago today, Yoav and I were super excited to finally be sitting for our board interview for the purchase of our half classic six. We had been waiting patiently for nearly three months since that first open house when we fell in love with our apartment after having attended about fifty open houses over the previous year. We were quite relieved to finally be at this point in the process after the long arduous process.

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Embracing Black… And the End of Mediocrity

My Manifesto:

I hereby declare that I will no longer appease the utter blandness of the majority of the world when it comes to my home, and I vow that I will make my home how I want it* regardless of what others think. There will be no mediocrity allowed in my home. (*With the support and approval of my husband.)

This post is likely to be somewhat pivotal in the history of my blog as I am declaring war on the status-quo. Why? Because all of my life I have been, for various reasons, required to comply with the interests, likes, and dislikes of others. Or, at the very least, my own perception of what others thought about me and my sense of style.

Well…. With the exception of input from my husband…. No More!

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