Taking it in Phases — Progress Report #6

[Photo: This is Nanna Zelda. She is that family member who always knows better and is the first to tell you what you should do in all situations. She is the overseer of the kitchen and will hold a prominent spot on the wall by the window. Really, she is an amazing $41 find on Ebay.]

I mentioned last week that I needed to make the sink wall the priority in order to return to a functioning (if not finished) kitchen. This past two weeks has forced me to tap into my inner perfectionist in ways I had not anticipated.

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Floor Plans –Finally! (Part V of The Final Kitchen Plans Series)

[Photo: Our kitchen occupies what was once a bedroom before our original apartment was split in two. Now it is a large kitchen with two closets! Yay for us!]


This is the fifth and final post in my series The Final Kitchen Plans–Finally. In Part I, I talked about the evolution of our final plans

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