Finding a Unicorn in the Hood

Again the gap in time between posts is longer than I would prefer, but here I am with another useless tidbit about my complete and total obsession with details…

To catch up, I last posted about our making a major shift in plans by abandoning Ikea cabinets with doors by Semihandmade (sorry folks at SemiHandmade, not so sorry for the Ikea folks) for an entirely new cabinet option using Barker Cabinets instead.

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Rethinking the Kitchen

[Photo: This hits many notes of my dream kitchen, including in-frame cabinets painted in beautiful shade of what looks to be Farrow & Ball Stiffkey blue. Source: House to Home – UK]


This past spring and summer I posted about my dreams and desires for what would be my perfect kitchen and my frustration about how my perfect kitchen is really only available to folks who live in the United Kingdom.

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Embracing Black… And the End of Mediocrity

My Manifesto:

I hereby declare that I will no longer appease the utter blandness of the majority of the world when it comes to my home, and I vow that I will make my home how I want it* regardless of what others think. There will be no mediocrity allowed in my home. (*With the support and approval of my husband.)

This post is likely to be somewhat pivotal in the history of my blog as I am declaring war on the status-quo. Why? Because all of my life I have been, for various reasons, required to comply with the interests, likes, and dislikes of others. Or, at the very least, my own perception of what others thought about me and my sense of style.

Well…. With the exception of input from my husband…. No More!

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