Beyond the Kitchen — Unfinished Rooms Part I

Last month, I wrote about life beyond the kitchen renovation and our next plans for the apartment. I covered two projects which will elevate our home to a higher level of fabulousness. The big project I will be doing is crown molding in the living room to capture an original element long stripped away, albeit in a different profile, but fitting for the period. For the other project

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Video Tour, Recap, and Update

In August of last year, within two hours after leaving our closing on our apartment with keys in hand, I created a walk-through video tour of our apartment [view last years video here]. I wanted to document our apartment before we made a single change as a way to look back and remember where we started.

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Our Entry Gallery is Divine (Part I) – Transformation Begins

One of the very first things that drew me to even look at the apartment on that day in May last year was the floor plan indicated a very long entry hall. And when we went to the open house, we were not disappointed. The front door opened to a lovely 22′ long and generous 4′ 5″  wide hallway with beautiful quarter-sawn oak floor bordered in mahogany. Immediately, I was dreaming about how we could use it as gallery space to display photography and art.

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One Year and a Lot of Change

Last week marked a one year and a lot of change since Yoav and I sat down at a table with a group of disparate people, all with one common interest of varying degrees. Our mission, transferring the ownership of our apartment from the sellers to us, the buyers (or really our bank). Like most everything in New York City, nothing can be simple or cheap.

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Detail Matters – Salvaging an End Table Fail

Detail MattersWhen it comes to finding furniture and lighting for our apartment, I am always trying to strike a balance of using pieces which are readily available mixed in with new and vintage pieces you won’t find at your local store. If it is going to come from a mass marketer, it will nearly always come from

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Finally…. The Big Living Room Reveal

OK, I know you all have been patiently waiting with baited breath to see the living room in all its glory….

OK, I know two or three of my readers have been patiently waiting with baited breath to see the living room in all its glory….

Well, finally….. The living room reveal is here. But first a few thoughts and a bit of background….

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Patience Grasshopper – Sneak Peek!

OK… So I know I promised that I would have a full reveal of the living room last week, and I shot a bunch of pictures with my trusty iPhone… But after looking at the photos, it was clear that they didn’t quite capture what I was hoping to convey. Mea culpa…. Oy!

It was obvious to me that I needed to re-shoot the room and use a better camera to better capture the space.

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The Big Oops and the Big Fix – Center Hall, Part Two

A few weeks back, I wrote about the The Big Oops and the Big Fix in our center hall. The tale of my making a huge dumb-ass choice in paint color for the ceiling, and then the magical fix a few hours later.

I am sure after last weeks posts about the black ceiling (Part one and Part two), that you are expecting photos of the living room…. but you’re gonna have to wait… (Soon…. I promise!).

So, instead, I am excited to show you the newest updates to the center hall.

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The Big Oops and the Big Fix – Center Hall, Part I

Hi folks! I am still here! Yoav and I just got back from a much-needed vacation in Arizona (my first time traveling more than 100 miles from NYC in 19 months!). Now that we are back, we are getting full swing into working on the apartment. Each weekend is devoted to projects, sometimes one big one, sometimes lots of small ones. We have much to write about and reveal, but all in due time as much of what we are working on is still in progress. But I promise some super amazing stuff soon…. In the meantime, here is an update on one of my favorite spaces in our apartment, our center hall.

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