It’s Official!!! – Now The Tour

It’s Official! (Finally)

We are now the owners of our very own half classic six apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. And we are damned grateful for it. The closing went very smoothly, it involved getting nine people in a conference room for about 90 minutes, and lots and lots of signatures and checks floating about. At the end, we walked away with a new set of keys and 30 years of mortgage payments.

After a quick stop at Chipotle, we made a dash for the new place and sat on the floor of our living room munching on our tasty burrito bowls absorbing our new surroundings. After chowing down,  it was time to document the apartment with video. In only one take, I shot the video below of our new home in its current state, which is definitely in the category of fixer upper (this has pretty much been a rental for the past 104 years). Last night a small group of friends came by for a sneak peek and after a few hours the blemishes of age became more apparent. Fortunately, it doesn’t scare me in the least!

I hope you enjoy to tour!

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  • greg
    August 25, 2014

    Congrats on the new home! Can’t wait to see how you’ll transform it. GB