I’m (We’re) Still Here…

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You may have noticed a decided absence of posts for the past couple of months. Rest assured we are still here, and things are for the most part, okay. That said, we have both been super busy with heavy workloads, and lots of life, and other obligations… We are also still absorbing the realities of our new political climate and how the impact could potentially change things for us forever. A lot to think about really.

So, what to post about…. Those who know me, know that I like to take photos, lots of photos (like the photo above)… And for the past seven years, I have kept a photoblog of iPhone photography focusing on life in New York. (If you are interested, you can view my 1,500+ photos of New York life here.) So, rather than do a big long post on a single topic, I thought I would pull a few pictures from the past few months on my phone to catch you up. So, here we go…


The current state of the kitchen.

Progress has been slow, but there has been progress. Above is a sneak peak at the other side of the room. The cabinets are officially finished, and soon the refrigerator will go against the headboard wall with shelves above. I still have several things to wrap up in the kitchen renovation project, and I promise a full reveal when it is done. This kitchen has undoubtedly taken much longer than I had hoped, but employment comes first because…. Well money of course! We gots’ta pay for all this.


The little tiny streets of Philly are so charming!

For fun, Yoav and I did a quick weekend in Philly in early December…. Such a lovely city! We both love the tiny streets lined with little early 19th century row houses. We were completely charmed by the funky side of the city and had a really great weekend. It was the first time either of us has spent more than a few hours there.


An evening of Dirty Martini’s and Moscow Mules in December… So damned delicious if you like that sort of thing.

In mid-December, we did a bit of entertaining. For Yoav, it is Moscow Mules in a copper mug (background), but for myself and guest…. Dirty martinis with blue cheese stuffed olives!  BTW, I am known for making a mighty delicious dirty martini. This shot was taken after having had two or three or…. Yum!


The unexpected rain shower in the bathroom.

After having spent six months with no ceiling in the bathroom, it was finally repaired last fall only to have our upstairs neighbor take a bath for the first time in a long time. Her tub was full of water with the stopper in the drain, but all that water created enough pressure to leak around her drain and into our bathroom. Water cascaded for almost an hour. Fortunately, our ceiling dried out and will be okay.


Bixby experiences snow for the first time… And sorta likes it.

A mid December snow storm presented Bixby with his first experience of snow (he came from Texas). While he is definitely not very fond of the cold weather, he did seem to have a good time in the snow at Riverside Park.


Bixby sporting a new sweater to keep warm for winter.

Another shot of Bixby later that day sporting his new sweater. Lack of hair on his belly presents a challenge when it gets cold out, requiring him to wear a sweater nearly all the time during winter.


Brand X huge antibiotic regimen for a week… Ugh.

In late December, I had the unfortunate experience of having a neighbor’s dog attack me in the lobby. I ended up with a bite deep enough that I needed to see a doctor. She treated the wound, gave me a tetanus shot, and prescribed these giant horse pills for a week.


Fishermans Wharf, the water was so still…

Last week we finally got a real vacation (first since last July) and spent several days in San Francisco. During our running around the city, we unintentionally ended up at (tourist trap) Fisherman’s Wharf. This was the most beautiful thing I could see to photograph. Amazing shot for a phone (seriously, click on the picture!).


Us on a Market Street Streetcar this past week.

While in San Francisco, we stayed at a lovely inn near the Castro (cause were gay like that). We soon discovered the vintage streetcars nearby on Market Street. They were not only very fun to ride, but also very convenient for getting around. The shot above of me and my amazing and wonderful husband (with a mysterious surprised expression) on a restored 1920’s streetcar from Italy.

Finally I will leave you with a short video shot at the beach in San Francisco. I love how mighty the Pacific is, and never tire of staring at it. Stay tuned, there is lots of things to come, and some unexpected design changes to the decor of our apartment.

  • Stacy G.
    February 1, 2017

    I love the pictures! I’ve been wondering how you and Yoav are holding up. <3 I'm glad to read this update.

  • Stacy G.
    February 1, 2017

    PS: Captcha just asked me to solve a problem with Roman Numerals. Roman numerals! Does it have any idea how long I have been out of elementary school? Or for that matter, that we are not in ancient Rome, and they are no longer a thing? 😀