My name is Devyn

Below you will find, a few words about me

UPDATE, February 2018: We have left New York for a new life in Philadelphia where we will be fixing up an 1852 rowhouse. Follow along on our new adventures at

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Devyn. I am anything but typical. I was born and raised in Central California but from a very young age I had dreams of a life in Manhattan after becoming obsessed with Barney Miller in the 1970s. After living in progressivly larger and larger cities, my dreams of living in NYC has always been followed by the fears of making that dream come true. In 2007, after eight years of living in Chicago, I was laid off of my job. This turned out to be the very best thing that could happen to me as it allowed me to cash out, set my fears aside, sell my loft before the real estate collapsed, and fulfill my dream of a life in Manhattan. I have never looked back.


Like anybody else, life has had its up and downs. But overall, things have mostly been pretty good. I have a good career in IT, plenty of friends, and I am happily married to a most amazing man and we share our home with Bixby our adorable rescue pup. And to add to all this wonderfulness, my husband and I are the grateful owners of the larger half of a vintage Upper West Side classic six apartment in need of a lot of loving care. That is the point of this site. When we signed a contract in Spring of 2014 on what is for us, a dream apartment, I decided I wanted to document the process, share our progress with friends, and perhaps glean some helpful information from the world on how to best carry out our renovation.

In addition to this blog and my home adventures, I also do some web design, and I can often be seen taking pictures of life in the city.

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