Floor Plans –Finally! (Part V of The Final Kitchen Plans Series)

[Photo: Our kitchen occupies what was once a bedroom before our original apartment was split in two. Now it is a large kitchen with two closets! Yay for us!]


This is the fifth and final post in my series The Final Kitchen Plans–Finally. In Part I, I talked about the evolution of our final plans

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Lighting Plan Finalized–Finally! (Part IV of The Final Kitchen Plans Series)

This is the fourth post in my series The Final Kitchen Plans. In my first post (Part I), I talked about how our final plans evolved to using materials we had either never considered or previously just written off and said no to. I kicked off this series about our finalized plans for materials and space plans.

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2016 is Going to be a Busy Year!

Welcome to 2016! This is going to be an amazing and busy year and I am excited about all the plans we have for our Half Classic Six. Our slate of projects is even bigger than last year, but I am super excited that we can get things rolling and accomplish a lot. Priorities: 1: Kitchen renovation 2: Bedroom decoration 3: Bathroom face-lift. Here are our high level plans as well as additional goals/projects I would like to accomplish.

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